How to wear red lips for Valentines day!

Happy Midweek Bloggies!

First lets recap lunch yesterday!

When life gives you Goldfish


Especially the rainbow ones, you must go make chili and throw them on top so they can swim! Seriously, do it today!


Looks gross I know, but it was the best lunch ever so I had to share!!

Target also had some great sales!

I LOVE larabars








Which I feel like are never on sale so I hardly every buy them, but OMG 8 of them for $6.80! That is only $.85 per bar!  That price is unheard of! I will most likely be going back for more today =)



They also had this new to me coffee that was on sale! The lady at the check out said this was her favorite brand of K-cups EVER, so naturally I was excited to try them!

Which leads us to breakfast!


Peanut butter overnight oats, and my new coffee!

Verdict, tastes like Dunkin’ Donuts, but for much cheaper, I can already tell I am hooked!

I LOVE wearing bright lips, especially on special occasions and when I have a bad day it just makes me feel better!

Valentines day is one of those days that I feel bright red lips are crucial!

So here are my 4 steps to perfect red lips!

  1. To keep your color from feathering out, apply foundation all the way around your lips, to the outer edge.
  2. Line your lips, starting from the inner crease.
  3. Even out any mess by retracing the line.
  4. Completely fill in your lips with liner, then top with a matching lipstick. I also like to go in and clean up the edges with a cotton swab; I even use a small brush and some concealer to make the edges really crisp!

My favorite brand of  red is Smashbox “Be legendary”, I also like the Aveda “Poppy”. When I use red I like one that is very pigmented, otherwise it comes off really fast.  My favorite drugstore brand is L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolor in “Ravishing Red”. Mabelline also has their new ColorSensational Vivids, in “On Fire Red” although I have not tried that one!

Red is associated with love, warmth, and comfort. So show the person you care about this Valentines day, with some red hot lips!


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