Sunday run…errrr. YOGA day!

My day started like any other day, with a bowl full of goodness!


oatbran stan

In the mix today was:

1/3C oatbran

1T ground flax

1t vanilla

1/2 t cinnamon

topped with half a banana and a homemade REESES CUP!!!

I also got to stare at these beauties while I ate ❤

grad flowers

After breakfast I decided to do some Jillian Michael’s Yoga.  I jokingly asked my boyfriend to join in (He always says no of course!)and something remarkable happened…he said YES!  He only lasted 18min, but I was so thrilled he actually tried!

We then watched some episodes of parenthood on Netflix.

Then this happened:

chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes. Take a wild guess what kind of frosting?! I’ll give you a hint:


oh yeahhhh homemade peanut butter frosting!

Finished product:


Now the chicken is marinating and we are getting ready for friends and family to come over!

Hope you have a happy super bowl Sunday!



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